sicor spa

The Company

Founded in 1981 in Rovereto (TN) as a manufacturer of lifting machines for elevators. They sit firmly as industry leaders thanks to a constant process of research and development coupled with first class service and support.

As partner companies, Sicor SpA and Global1Partners Ltd provide the highest level of quality and service to our Customers.

Sicor SpA has developed a complete range of geared and gearless machines to satisfy the varied needs of the market.

Their manufacturing plant is equipped with the most innovative and efficient technical-productive solutions.

Automation, efficiency and technology guarantee the production and supply of quality products in less time, meeting the needs of extreme speed and flexibility of the lift market.

Together our mission is to provide customers with the best lifting solution available, optimising the technical specifications of the selected machines.   

Technical expertise, customer service and support underpin the foundation which has established Sicor SpA as industry leaders in its field.



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