Titan is a bespoke solution commissioned for supermarket freight lifts where trolleys & pallet trucks are transporting goods.

Installing the Titan door system will extend the life of your lift doors which are exposed to impact during use.

  • Armoured steel panels

  • Reinforced premium top tracks

  • Heavy duty connectors between door panels & hangers

  • Special heavy duty skate & fixing bolts

  • Energy efficient VVVF & permanent magnet motor

  • Massive sill

  • 3 year Global Warranty


  • Available in a range of painted or stainless finishes from the Fermator range

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the right door for the right application

The door roller is a very important component in the make up of any lift system.

Here is a quick guide to help you select the right door for your project.

48mm Ø
56mm Ø
67mm Ø
92mm Ø
  • Roller Diameter 48 mm :      40/10           
  • Roller Diameter 56 mm :      50/11   /  SLIM 50/11
  • Roller Diameter 67 mm :       SOVEREIGN PREMIUM  /  PREMIUM  /  UDD  /  SCENIC  / TITAN
  • Roller Diameter 92 mm :       ALL ROBUSTA MODELS   / SOVEREIGN PLATINUM  

4 panel centre parting

Model Titan Premium
Clear Opening Width (a) 1300 - 1800 mm
Clear Opening Height (a) 1800 - 2100 mm
Sill Depth 90 mm

6 panel centre parting *

Model Titan Premium
Clear Opening Width (a) 1200 - 3100 mm
Clear Opening Height (a) 2000 - 2600 mm
Sill Depth 135 mm
* special application only (please enquire)

Standards available

EN81-71 Catergory 1
EN81-71 Catergory 2



The Right Door For The Right Application

Goods / Freight Lifts

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