B+ Hinged landing doors

fully-automatic & semi-automatic - Strong / high quality construction

The B+ is our New Generation of Hinged Landing Doors.

This latest heavier duty model is manufactured using state of the art foam injection moulding.

This gives the door mechanical strength to meet the rigorous pendulum tests with the added benefit of reducing the overall weight of the door giving a dual benefit to both passengers and installation engineers.

Example : Door weight comparison based on clear opening of 800 x 2000 mm

  • Original Global Model: 82kg

  • B+ Model: 65kg

Acoustic Dampening particularly beneficial in residential settings.

Choice of 3 models

  • Sheet Metal Panel (no Vision Panels)
  • Standard Vision Panels - Slim Transparent (option for Wired Glass) 
  • Big Vision Panel Glass

Can be supplied as:

  • Standard Semi-Automatic Opening

  • Fully-Automatic Opening with EPMR Module

Landing Door can be coupled with Folding or Sliding Standard or Slim Car Doors.

Doors can be fire rated (depending on options selected)  

3 year warranty


  • Available in a range of Painted, Stainless or Glass finishes

  • Range of Vision Panels

  • Range of Handles

  • Range of Locks

  • Various Frame Sizes  

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Sheet metal panel & standard vision panels

Clear Opening Width 500 to 1200 mm
Clear Opening Height 1900 - 2100 mm
Sill Depth 70 mm Semi Auto / 75 mm Fully Auto with EPMR

Big vision panel - glass model

Clear Opening Width 500 to 900 mm
Clear Opening Height 1900 - 2100 mm
Sill Depth 70 mm Semi Auto / 75 mm Fully Auto with EPMR

Standards available

EN81-71 Catergory 1


B+ Hinged 

The Right Door For The Right Application

Nursing Homes

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