Energy intelligence for lifts

The smart alternative to conventional re-gen

The Green Gem is a high efficiency bi-directional DC/DC convertor, integrating an energy storage module of Ultracapacitors. 

A very simple connection of the unit to most VVVF drives is enough to transform the lift to a Regenerative one with storage.

How green gem works

The unit stores what would otherwise be wasted energy on a regenerative trip and returns it back to the VF drive to be utilised on the next journey.

Energy savings up to 70% with no harmonic distortion and negligible stand-by consumption with a simple two-wire connection to many new and existing VF drives.  

With a simple connection to the DC Bus of the VF drive the system automatically analyses and stores the regenerative energy in the ultracapacitors. The system then continues to analyse the DC Bus and returns the power when there is a consumption requirement.

The ultracapacitors modules offer better power density and life cycling features than that of batteries. Therefore, they are the best possible solution for fast charging and discharging applications such as in lifts.

  • Ultracapacitors require no maintenance

  • Simple integration both in new and existing lifts.

  • Comes with 3m pre-wired connection cable to drive DC-Bus [can be specially ordered at 5m]
  • Green Gem Part Number: 02.08.0011

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