Existing operator

Novus Solution replaces existing Schindler QKS6 equipment below

novus qks6

Modernisation solution for Schindler QKS6 car door equipment

2 options available

Option 1:

New car operator complete with:

Top track, hanger plates, rollers

Energy efficient VVVF & permanent magnet motor

Special coupling skate & standard locking

Bespoke car door panels & aluminium bottom sill

New modernisation landing lock refurb kit required per landing entrance

Option 2:

Our bespoke solution provides heavy duty, energy efficient, car & complete landing entrances, where none of old existing Schindler equipment is retained.

2 hour fire rated entrances

3 year warranty

  • Medium to heavier duty model - Premium

  • Heavy duty model with fibre filled door panels - Sovereign Premium

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