Robusta HA

Heavy Duty Local Authority Door - for modernisation & new lifts

Robusta HA is the smart choice, heavy duty solution to replace existing GAL, Otis 6970, Express plus many others.

Using our intelligent Fermator energy efficient VVVF & permanent magnet motor, we can offer the latest in door technology together with incorporating the extensive heavy duty mechanical requirements of UK council specifications.

HA Features:

  • Zone locking skate & anti vandal fixed ramp

  • Skate & pick up roller on rear of panel

  • Heavy duty door panel  - double face with 1.5mm steel cladding

  • Typical 1 panel side opening 800 mm door panel = 85 Kg

  • Drop down lock release

  • Operator fully protective anti-vandal over for the entire clear opening width

  • Upper fixings tapped holes in large steel profile

  • Battery backup / power failure / drive fully open in zone for passenger reassurance     

VVVF Drive & PM Motor:

  • Matched motor / VF software for outstanding control

  • Absolute positioning 1mm/smart auto adjustment

  • Detect obstruction, intelligent speed reduction

  • PM motor 50% more energy efficient than Industry standard

  • Motor temperature monitoring

  • Simple adjustment through trimpots / advanced set up through console

Accoustic Enhancements & Ride Quality:

Noise & Performance are a key factor in Local Authority sector due to higher number of leaseholders in blocks ...

  • Gravity weight closer as standard  - consistent force throughout open/close cycle

  • Counterweight tube – insulated felt

  • Metal hanger roller 92mm Ø – Poly THF coated

  • Sealed bearing / 3 times heavier than Industry standard

  • 10% larger diameter than Industry standard

  • Longer life – low maintenance

Installation / Maintenance:

  • One Stop Shop  -  panels & goalpost

  • Slim operator chassis – clearer car top space

  • Easy clutch adjustment

  • Less moving parts

  • Superior roller/track – prolonged life cycle

  • Gravity weight closer / no adjustment required

  • Extensive Diagnostics


  • Side & centre parting models available with single or double clutch arrangement

  • Available in a variety of finishes.

  • Aluminium, Bronze & Brass Sill options

3 Year Global Warranty

robusta HA

Modernisation Partial Upgrade Options to Replace Existing GAL

Robusta HA Car Options:

  • Fit New Operator & Clutch Only - Retain existing door panels and sill.  Easy pick up on existing fixings. Retain existing landings and couple up with existing equipment.

  • Fit New Operator, Door Panels & Sill Only – Dimensionally compatible.  

  • Retain existing landings and couple up with existing equipment.

Robusta HA Landing Options:

  • Fit New Top Tracks Only -   Retain existing door panels & headers. Robusta HA is compatible with the existing centres/fixings (metric/imperial fixings available).

  • Fit New Top Tracks & Headers Only - Retain existing door panels. Headers to suit your installation

robusta ha

complete new entrances

  • Fit New Car Set – Robusta HA operator, door panels & sill

  • Fit Complete New Robusta HA Entrances comprising - Top tracks, header door panels, goal post, sill, sill support 

  • Fit Door Frames / Architraves:

  • Full Depth Landing Architraves: to be supplied by others – Landing entrances Fire Rating to EN81-58 E120 when backfilled landing architraves are supplied in accordance with Global requirements.


  • 30mm Deep Fire Trim from Global1Partners Ltd: Trim can be offered to achieve Fire Rating to EN81-58 E120 in accordance with Global requirements 

          (further details available at GLOBAL Sales-LinX)

For Sales brochures, enquiry/survey forms, please download at GLOBAL Sales-LinX

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the right door for the right application

The door roller is a very important component in the make up of any lift system.

Here is a quick guide to help you select the right door for your project.

48mm Ø
56mm Ø
67mm Ø
92mm Ø
  • Roller Diameter 48 mm :      40/10           
  • Roller Diameter 56 mm :      50/11   /  SLIM 50/11
  • Roller Diameter 67 mm :       SOVEREIGN PREMIUM  /  PREMIUM  /  UDD  /  SCENIC / TITAN
  • Roller Diameter 92 mm :       ALL ROBUSTA MODELS   / SOVEREIGN PLATINUM  

1 panel side opening

Model Robusta HA
Clear Opening Width (a) 650 mm
Clear Opening Height (a) 2000 mm
Clear Opening Width (b) 750 - 1200 mm
Clear Opening Height (b) 2000 - 2300 mm
Sill Depth 95 mm

2 panel centre parting

Model Robusta HA
Clear Opening Width 750 to 1200 mm
Clear Opening Height 2000 - 2300 mm
Sill Depth 95 mm

2 panel side opening

Model Robusta HA
Clear Opening Width 750 to 1200 mm
Clear Opening Height 2000 - 3000 mm
Sill Depth 130 mm


Robusta HA

The Right Door For The Right Application

Local Authority / Sheltered Accommodation
Offices / Hospitals
Hotels / Apartments
Supermarkets / Department Stores
Schools / Universities
Car Parks

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